Did you know you can wear some of out most popular One Button SS20 bags in multiple different ways! Yes! MULTIPLE!

It doesn’t matter if you like the backpack, shoulder or hand bag style! We have bags that can be worn all THREE ways! The versatility of this bag makes it a must have for everyones wardrobe!

How to wear our bag… Lucerne Bag – Mustard

Style – Shoulder Bag

You can wear our Lucerne bag off one shoulder. This is a classic way to wear your bag!

This way is great for shopping as you can easily get in and out to retrieve your purse, shopping list or any other essentials while you’re out and about!

As the strap is long you can wear this bag across the body. This is a great alternative for those who may have a bad back or shoulder as the weight is then distributed more evenly.

Style – Rucksack / Backpack

Backpacks are BANG on trend! This way of wearing your bag is super stylish and practical!

Not only is this way great for carrying a heavier weight more comfortably, it’s also a great way for travelling!

With styling this bag like a backpack you can travel / commute in many different ways including cycling, power walking and running! Having your hands free really makes this super practical for doing multiple things on the go.

Style – Handbag

The final way is the simple but also classic handbag look. By holding the gorgeous mustard bag by the top and side straps you can recreate this style. This way also allows for easy access and helps you stay more aware of your belongings.


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Our Lucerne Bag also comes in a beautiful grey. To view this bag in grey click here