Summer Time is just getting STARTED!!! With lockdown restrictions beginning to be lifted, there’s lots to look forward to over the next few weeks! There’s also lots to plan for!

We thought it would be a great idea to give you some of our top tips for getting ready for Summer Time!!!

So without any delay lets get STARTED;

Getting Organised

With the temperature rising, your warmer early year clothes are definitely a no go! So it’s a great idea to go through your wardrobe and organise! Bring the light, bright clothes forward and pack the dark, wooly pieces away. This will make getting ready under pressure a lot easier!

Summer Accessories

No outfit is finished without some stylish accessories. The seasons require different accessories to keep you comfortable and on trend. At One Button we have a wide range of sunglasses, light weight scarves and roomy totes that are PERFECT for Summer! Read our recent blog ‘Top 10 Summer Accessories’ to find out more about these.

Beauty Products

With the sun at it strongest during the Summer solstice, it’s extremely important to take care of your skin. We suggest making sure you include a SPF in your daily routine! This will help protect your skin from those harmful, ageing rays. We recommend moisturisers, foundations and any other beauty products that include a level of SPF!

Oh and of course make sure to have lipsticks and eye shadow palettes that compliment your Summer looks.

The Staycation

Because of the current situation, we are being encouraged to partake in staycations this year. We know a lot of you, including ourselves, love going away on overseas annual adventures, but staycations aren’t all that bad!

A Staycation gives us the chance to explore the gorgeous parts of our country and support local businesses, which is even more important right now!!!

The Great Outdoors

We’ve been stuck inside for months now because of the lockdown rules, so getting outside and safely spending time with our loved ones is a MUST. You can also do this and avoid crowds if you pick the right times and beauty spots! And do NOT forget to take a scrumptious picnic or BBQ with you!


Are you attending any Summer 2020 weddings? If the answer is yes, we’re extremely jealous! Weddings may be scaled back and smaller than usual, but they can still be epic celebrations with family and friends.

Check out the One Button jewellery collection. If you’re searching for a statement piece to wear yourself, or maybe even a gift, then our Spring Summer 2020 collections are a great place to start.

Dining Outdoors

Outdoor bars and seating areas are big right now, so dining outside is another popular thing to do this Summer! A tip from us would be to have a light weight scarf that you can use not only as a face covering when needed, but also to keep the summer chill away as the night gets colder.

We have a large range of light weight scarves in our collections, click here to browse.


Another great way to avoid the crowds this Summer! By doing a bit of gardening you could maybe host some garden parties, including delicious BBQs and games. Or even create a comfortable, relaxing garden for you to enjoy!!! We’ve had a lot of time to ourselves this year and gardening has been a great way for some of us to stay creative and active!

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our tips and that you have found some of them helpful!

Let us know in the comments below!

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