Times are tough at the moment with the current social distancing laws.

We are all trying our best to be positive during this time, keeping ourselves occupied so we do not dwell too much on the negatives.

So… we thought we’d share our Top 8 BIG, BOLD and BRIGHT BEADS from our SS20 collections!!!

Our colourful, funky beads always cheer us up and we hope they will cheer you up too and at least get your mind off things for a little while!

Our Top 8 in no particular order;

Hoheria Bracelet – Lime Mix

Our gorgeous green bracelet is comprised of smooth ceramic statement beads. If you or someone you know loves green, this is absolutely the perfect piece!

Simone Necklace – Pink

This necklace is a very bold piece. The mix of pink accents and chromatic colours are FABULOUS and we would have made a big mistake not adding this piece to the list.

Jamesia Necklace – Blue/Lemon Mix

Unique, jazzy and full of personality!!! Our triple row, jumbo teardrop necklace is made of the most complimenting colours and is defiantly one of the front runners in our Big, Bold and Bright Beads line up!

Ixia Necklace – Pastel

This necklace is a bit more subtle with speckled pastel button like beads.

Hellebore Necklace – Brights

Our Hellebore necklace with it’s bright, vibrant colours always brings a smile to our faces when we see someone wearing it. The strong colours make the beads look juicy and good enough to eat!!!

Garrya Necklace – Slate/Toffee

With mainly slate and toffee tones this SS20 piece is bold in it’s own unique way!

Echinops Necklace – Soft Pastels

Our second last piece in this line up is this teardrop beaded necklace. The soft pastel colours mix perfectly to create this eye catching look.

Ilex Bracelet – Rose Mix

Last but not least our second bracelet in this the Big, Bold and Bright Beads line up. The smooth pink toned piece is made out of a mix of ceramic statement beads on stretch bracelet to fit all different sizes!!!

We hope you enjoyed reading through our Top 8 Big, Bold and Bright Beads from the SS20 Collection.

Think we missed some? Let us know!

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