Our Top 10… ACCESSORIES!!! The gorgeous accessories in this list are from multiple One Button collections over the past few years!

The pieces you are about to see are the perfect additions to your Summer outfits.

We know Summer is a bit different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress in STYLE!!!

The word accessory covers many different pieces within our collections!
See our Top 10 Accessories in no particular order below;


Not your normal sunglasses! These blue, trendy, jagged sunnies do exactly what you would expect! They shade your eyes but also keep you in STYLE!!!

These also come with a pouch and polishing cloth!


Hair clips are maybe an overlooked accessory, but not at One Button!!! This gold, pearl, diamanté hair clip set will not only match with many outfits but keep your hair out of your face while you’re out and about!


Another pair of sunnies!!! The deep almost velvety look these shades have give anyone wearing them the sense of royalty! They are the perfect accessory for those brighter days.

Psst! They dont just come on their own, you also get a pouch and polishing cloth too!!!

Elisabeth – Teal Mix

You can never go wrong with a One Button Tote! The colours of this stylish but practical tote remind of us of days at the Seaside!!!


The classic brown shade. These brown sunnies have gold detailed arms and are a FABULOUS addition to your Summer wardrobe!!

Don’t forget! When you buy One Button sunglasses you also get a pouch and polishing cloth.

Ella – Multi

WOW. An accessory you had no idea you needed!!! Ella our multi coloured tote has a gold anchor detail and is made from the best cotton canvas. We love our tote bags and this one is NO exception

Ammi Bag – Pink

Rucksacks are AMAZING practical bags. They’re great for travelling, style and being worn in many different ways! Our textured, pink mini rucksack is one of our favourites from our SS20 collection.


How charming is our Rose bag!? This sturdy mini ‘doctors’ style bag fastens with a stylish double zip. We love the wired hinged opening – like a mini tardis make-up bag. The bag has contrast stripped lining with two internal pockets. Don’t forget the mini brush bag too.

Did we mention it’s Water resistant!? We are in LOVE with this bag and all its amazing features!!!

Phlox Scarf – Turquoise

Super soft. Light weight. Rich colour. Easy to wear. Ultimate versatility and fantastic value! Need we say more!?

Cotinus Scarf – Blush Salmon

A pretty allover floral scarf with rich pink and white tassel embellishments. This scarf isn’t too heavy so is great for those Summer days that may have a chill.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our top 10 accessories!!

Please do not forget that our products are letter box friendly and can be delivered straight to your door!!!