It’s been a while since we last shared with you one of our colour blogs!

So to kick start this again we have chosen the gorgeous colour… drum roll, please… SKY BLUE!!!

As the name of this colour suggests, this colour greatly resembles the colour of an unclouded sky. Also know as celeste sky blue can come in a variety of different hues, some being paler, more powdery or seemingly overcast.

Lighter blues, like sky blue, are peaceful and calming. In relation to colour psychology, this colour can be related to trustworthiness and reliability.

In fashion, sky blue can be paired with many different colours like white, gold and cream, but it can of course just act as a stand-alone colour in an outfit.

On the catwalk this Spring Summer 2021, sky blue can be seen in a lot of collections, bring a sophisticated lightness to the model’s clothes.

At One Button we have many sky blue pieces that emit all these feelings, whilst also staying on-trend.