Writing about our favourite prominent colours in our collections really has helped us connect with our pieces on a different level. Being able to see how wearing certain colours makes us feel and how they have taken the fashion world by storm in their own unique and powerful ways, has made us understand colours even better than before!

Speaking of powerful, this month’s One Button colour blog is all about Red.

Red is a frequent colour in our collections, it works as being the main focal point or the gorgeous accompanying colour in a piece.

Red is in no way a colour that goes unnoticed. It is a showstopper colour, no matter the shade expect to make a bold statement.

In fashion red has always been an influential colour and will continue being that way. It is so influential because it is an extreme colour.
Red makes us think of a lot of differing extremes like; love, violence, anger, adventure and danger. It can be seen everywhere, a bold lipstick, a stop sign, advertisements, the list goes on. No wonder it is many people’s favourite!

We love to use red in our collections because we believe it gives people confidence! When wearing red you feel strong and empowered and also fun too!

Please see below some of our favourite red pieces from our more recent collections; no doubt there will be more red pieces to come in the future.