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Introducing our enchanting garlands, versatile and beautiful in their details. Each one is individually made entirely by hand, using a variety of trims, flowers & leaves. Perfect for any gifting occasion and just delightfully charming - hang them anywhere to cheer a corner up, wind them over a mantle piece, adorn a doorway or drape over your dressing table.  This is the vibrant rainbow multi one.


As the name suggests, we use beads of all sizes and shapes, buttons, scraps of haberdashery, ribbons, sequins, embroidery trims & a variety of wire to create our delightful and everlasting Blooms, and this means that each one is slightly different to its peers. Handmade and charmingly packed in our signature boxes with our own hand drawn Blooms wrap & outer sleeve. We can also send directly as a gift to your loved one at no extra cost - please follow the link at the bottom of the page to Send a Gift and follow the instructions.


DIMS: approximately 150cm long.


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