We are absolutely loving this new colour series in our blog and we hope you’re enjoying it to.

So far we have touched on the colours mustard and orange. This month it is time to THINK PINK!!!

When thinking of the colour pink usually everyone associates it with everything and anything feminine / girly. However, pink isn’t only pretty pink bows and hair clips. Pink represents love, a sense of calm and positivity among many other things.

Pink is the combination of red and white making it this soft, tender colour. On the other hand, brighter pinks can almost have the opposite effect, being more energetic and stimulating.

No matter the shade of pink you prefer it always will have a place in fashion.

Pink can bring a sense of youth and immaturity, which a lot people enjoy when styling their outfits, creating a sense of fun and nostalgia, as pink takes a lot of us back to our childhoods. Whereas, others may want to stray away from this vibe. When mixing pink with darker colours like grey, blue and black it can bring a sense of class and sophistication to the colour and the look. This tip means we can all utilise pink in our wardrobes.

At One Button we love to incorporate every shade of pink in our collections, especially Spring Summer 20!!!

Here are some of our favourite Pink pieces within this collection;