In this blog we are going to talk about all things ORANGE!!! No not the fruit, which we do also love, but the colour.

We love to incorporate this vibrant colour in all of our collections, whether it be the more bright shades or the more dull ones. We find all shades and variants of this colour to be effective in bringing an outfit to LIFE!!!

To create the colour orange you must mix red and yellow. These three colours together may make many think of those jaw dropping skies when the sun begins to set or the colours of the trees in autumn.

Orange is all around us, appearing in the man-made world but also beautifully in the natural world too. You may be surprised at how much it occurs around us.

This colour can be warm and calming but it can also bring us the sense of excitement and energy! When we see the colour orange it draws our attention, you don’t just skim over it, you look at it.

Because of the amazing connotations surrounding orange it is widely used in fashion, to create a statement and to bring joy. Many people may believe that to wear or to simply ‘pull off’ orange you have to be confident and enjoy being noticed but that is not the case!

Adding a splash of orange to an outfit will not only add colour but will add energy and positivity to you as well.

Don’t be quick to forget that not all oranges are BRIGHT and BOLD! There are darker shades of this beautiful colour as well which may be better suited to some.

Here are some of our favourite orange pieces from our SS20 collections, which will not fail to add that splash of orange you have been looking for!