Mustard is one of our favourite colours to incorporate in our collections. It’s on trend, transeasonal and full of expression!!!

The colour is different from most it’s bold but not overpowering, its not one or the other it’s… mustard.

For a lot of people when you hear the word ‘mustard’ you may think of the culinary condiment, which people seem to love or hate. However, in recent years the word ‘mustard’ is now being greatly associated with trending fashion! Especially since the SS19 Paris Fashion Week and other famous fashion events around the globe.

Mustard is versatile. The timeless tone adds energy and elegance, allowing it to be worn to the office, a classy night out and anything and everything inbetween!!!

Even though mustard is now a widely used colour in fashion, interior design and the like, some struggle knowing what to put it with.

We’re here to help! Here are some colours mustard goes AMAZING with!!!

MUSTARD and BLACK – Black goes well with most colours and mustard is not an exception!

MUSTARD and PURPLE – Purple gorgeously compliments mustard. Seeing these two colours together give us major regal vibes.

MUSTARD and RED – Not just red but berry tones too! Mustard goes beautifully with hues of red and pink.

MUSTARD and BLUE – Seeing these two together may make you think of the coast! When done correctly they can look amazing together!

MUSTARD and GREY – Like mustard with black, these two colours together give us an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Mustard pairs well with so many other colours! If we’ve missed some let us know!

Speaking of everything mustard here are some of our favourite mustard pieces from our SS20 collections;