Green is our next colour to talk about in our blog!

Green is a colour that automatically makes us have positive feelings. It signifies a lot of things, some to name are – wealth, goodness, nature and growth. Green often gives us a get up and go attitude.

Green is a very strong colour which can be seen all around us especially in the natural world.

Being green is something a lot of us are thinking about now, not just as individuals but as companies too. Many brands are beginning to be a lot more ethical and are using green to promote this.

Green in fashion is monumental, not only for its ethical connotations but because it is a stunning colour to play with.

Just like other colours, green comes in many shades and hues, some being more playful and exciting while others are more sophisticated and elegant.

Like all colours we love to incorporate green into our collections.

See below some of our favourite SS20 green pieces.

Joining these pieces with your wardrobe will bring freshness, strength and growth and all things positive to your outfits.