With the festive season approaching it will soon be time to wrap all your gifts!!!

Wrapping gifts isn’t always easy, we want to be creative and make something pleasing to the eye, but its hard to know where to start.

Here are some gift wrapping ideas and tips to help you be more creative this season!

Name Tags but… edible!
Name tags on presents are always important to make sure the present doesn’t get lost or opened by the wrong person. But of course they just add an extra piece of paper to throw away once all the excitement is over. By adding a Cookie Tag to your present not only will it add a treat but it will create less waste too!

Decorative Toppers
Everyone loves a gift bow on top of their present! Its just a special touch which really adds to the gift wrap. You can find gift bows in most card or stationary stores! (Many of these stores have online shops too)
Other than the usual gift bow there are loads of other funky ribbons, tissue paper, pom poms, trims and MORE you can use to decorate your gift and make it look unique! Don’t limit yourself!

The Wrap
Like with all these tips it really depends on your personal style/vibe and the person you’re giving the gift to.
There are many many options for the type of gift wrap you can choose, they can be minimalistic, patterned, textured, shiny, matte the list goes on!
When choosing the wrapping and the decoration try to have the whole picture in your head, so all the components work well together.

You could even buy a box that has a pattern or colour to your liking to put your gift in! There is no law that you have to wrap your gift.

Use Nature
If they are an avid gardener or plant lover you could even add some real flowers or berries to the gift exterior!

When it comes to wrapping your gift make sure to have the right tools you need on hand. This will make the more tricky bits a lot easier! Also be sure to measure out the right amount of wrapping paper before you begin to wrap the gift, this could cause problems and waste paper if you haven’t done it right first time.

We want you to realise that wrapping gifts is fun! You can let your creative juices flow and relax. We hope these few tips have given you ideas and have made you excited to buy and wrap your presents!!!