It’s that special time of year again!

We love the festive season at One Button and always love to think of ways to make our gifts stand out from the crowd, and theres no better place to start than with the wrapping!

We want to give you some unique, fun and special ideas to make your gift wrapping FABULOUS this year!!!

Before we get to the fun part it’s always important to remember to make sure to have the right tools handy. This will make the more tricky bits a lot easier! Also be sure to measure out the right amount of wrapping paper before you begin to wrap the gift, and when choosing the wrapping and the decoration try to have the whole picture in your head, so all the components work well together.

Nature –
If they are an avid gardener or plant lover you could add some real flowers or berries to the gift exterior!
Adding pine cones and pine needles also will create an organic rustic feel to the gift.

Tags –
Usually when we wrap gifts we add name tags so they can be found easier!

To make these extra special you could –
Add photos of the person you’re gifting too on the wrapping
Make the tag edible with a cookie or special treat of your choice

There is no strict law that insists that boxes can not be used! Finding a box that suits your gifting vibe is another brilliant idea to switch it up this season!
Boxes also allow a lot more room to add other smaller little gifts if desired.

Wrapping Toppers
There are so many different things that can be added to the top of your gift this year!
To name a few; ribbons, bows, pom poms, tinsel, baubles, gingerbread men, ‘jingle bells’, candy canes the list goes on and on!!! There is no limit to what you can add as a topper on your gift this year.

Last but certainly not least is…

The amount of different patterns and styles there are available in wrapping is fantastic, you will never run out of choice and there are always options available to create your own wrapping paper!
Its always good to get a clear picture of what you want to create in mind so searching for wrapping paper is more fun than stressful!!

We hope you found this post helpful and inspirational for your gift wrapping this year!